Robin Meyer


I’m a small-town girl that’s always had a dream of running my own business. Although my background is in finance, I have a passion for creating and designing. I took up decorating and design as a hobby: planning my wedding, decorating my home and throwing showers and parties. In 2011 when I became a mom, I realized it could be something more. When designing my son’s nursery, I used some vinyl wall graphics to give it a unique touch and I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily it transformed the room! Then when my son started daycare, I soon realized how frustrating it was to write his name on EVERYTHING with a marker, only for it to come off with the next washing. I needed a personalized sticker that could withstand frequent washings (and look stylish, of course). I instantly thought of vinyl. So that’s when I started MeY Decals, where we offer waterproof, dishwasher-safe* labels, custom wall art, and so much more! Decals have made my life easier and my home brighter, I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.