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Daycare Pack - Set of 60 Waterproof Labels - Monsters

Regular price $12.50

TO PERSONALIZE please leave a NOTE at the checkout screen with the name, typed exactly how you would like it to appear (spelling, capitalization, etc.)

- 20 Standard + 20 Mini + 20 Paci Labels
- Can be split into 2 names for no additional charge
- If split, please include both names in the NOTE at checkout
- If split, each name will receive 2 designs, not all 4 (can request colors for each name)

Standard Size: 2.6" x 0.75"
Mini Size: 1.75" x 0.5"
Round: 5/8" diameter


Personalized, waterproof, dishwasher safe* labels that are perfect for organizing and keeping track of all your kids’ stuff! 

These are not just ordinary stickers, our labels are water and fade resistant and will stick to almost any solid surface. Can also be removed without leaving a sticky residue. 

- Bottles & Caps
- Cups, Bowls & Utensils
- Lunchboxes & Tupperware
- Pencils, Crayons & School Supplies
- Any other solid surface! 
- NOT recommended for clothing


*Our labels can withstand normal household dishwasher settings (up to 194° F). However, for longer use, hand-wash. Detergents/soaps containing bleach could also fade or change the colors, so they are not recommended.

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